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Code: Cartridge
Product: Ortofon X5-MC
Description: The X5-MC features a highly polished nude Fritz Gyger (FG) 70 diamond. Output voltage at 1000 Hz, 5cm/sec. - 2 mV. Weight 4,1g. Hardly used,in orig.package.
Price: 290.00  
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Code: Strobo
Product: Lenco Strobe Disc
Description: Strobe Disc
Price: 20.00  
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Code: Stops Knocking
Product: Thorens Motor Spindle Support Kit
Description: Thorens Motor repair kit , STOPS KNOCKING ! For models (Thorens TD-160, 165, 166, 145, 146, 147, 150, 150 MKII, 125, 166 MKII, 146, 160 MKII, 125 MKII etc.).
Price: 30.00  
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Code: Record cleaner
Product: am Record Cleaner
Price: 10.00  
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Code: Adjustable Acoustic Isolation Feet for Hi-Fi equipment
Product: Adjustable Isolation Feet for turntable
Description: Brass 4 pcs. set 100.-eur. Aluminum 4 pcs.set 60.-eur
Price: 60.00  
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Code: Cartridge
Product: PHILIPS 22 GP 230 / 235
Description: Ceramic / Crystal Optional Mono / Stereo . Brand new !
Price: 55.00  
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Code: Cartridge
Product: Pro-ject PU-C-1 Low Output MC Cartridge
Description: Elliptical Moving Coil.(lightly used). 4,1g
Price: 100.00  
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Product: Goldring Eroica H
Description: Moving Coil (MC) Phono Cartridge. Made in England. Sensitivity 2.5mV. Used but in very good condition shibata diamond needle. See original photos.
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Code: Clamp
Product: Disc Stabilizer Record Weight
Description: Record Weight ,LP Disc Stabilizer, Turntable Vinyl Clamp. Stainless steel and brass. 630 g
Price: 50.00  
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Code: Spikes
Product: Spikes with platter
Description: Spikes with platter. Stainless steel. 25x24 mm. Platter 6x25 mm 4 pcs.
Price: 20.00  
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Code: Cartridge
Product: Audio-Technica AT95E
Description: New cartridge with Elliptical Stylus (MM Stereo Cartridge). Dual magnet design. 5,7 g.
Price: 35.00  
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Code: Static Of Brush
Product: AM Carbon Fibre Brush
Price: 12.00  
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Code: StylusCleaner
Product: AM Stylus Cleaning
Price: 10.00  
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