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Code: DAC
Product: HRT Music Streamer II
Description: Made in USA by High Resolution Technologies ,LLC. Burr Brown PCM1793 chip (specified for 24-bit/192kHz operation)
Price: 80.00  
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Code: DAC
Product: HRT iStreamer Outboard DAC
Description: Made in USA. HRT iStreamer Outboard DAC for i-Devices. DAC designed specifically for iPod®, iPad®, and iPhone®. 16 Bit operation. Plug and play—no software to install. USB port for connection to PC or portable
Price: 100.00  
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Code: D/AC
Product: WLM Gamma tube DA Converter (Coaxial / USB)
Description: Weiss Engineering. GAMMA - DAC WITH TUBE OUTPUT STAGE. 16-bit, non-oversampling. 192KHz/16-bit (S/PDIF) or up to 48KHz/16-bit (USB). 7 kg
Price: 1 100.00  
Measures: 430 x 320 x 80 mm
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Code: DAC
Product: Digital to Analog Audio Converter
Price: 10.00  
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Code: D/AC
Product: Parasound D/AC-1600HD
Description: Digital / Analog Converter. 4 x Burr Brown PCM63P-K – PMD100 – CS8412-CP. 6,5 kg
Price: 570.00  
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