Abrahamsen A-DAC


The A-DAC is an USB unit designed to be used with a PC as an external sound card. The digital signal is up sampled from 16bit to 24bit and the frequency response is increased from 44.1 KHz to 192 KHz. This will reduce the noise floor by more than 10dB so that music signal previously masked by the noise now will stand out and amplified, and high frequency overtones will be reproduced without any distortion. To achieve maximum cancelation of distortion and low frequency noise, the amplifier stage is fully balanced from input to output. To further reduce the distortion and improve linearity, all transistors are matched. This reduce the need for high negative feedback and thereby avoid the traditional “transistor sound”. Utilised as an external sound card via the USB port, the A-DAC provides a convenient method of accessing computer stored music files. Being an external sound card, with its own linear power supply, the A-DAC is isolated from the computers power supply noise - which is detrimental to the performance of traditional PCI sound cards and port-powered external sound cards. The cabinet is made from extruded aluminum. ...................................... Specifications 24-Bit/192 kHz D/A Converter | Power supply: External | 24-Bit/192 kHz Upsampler | 1 X USB input | 1 pair output XLR(balanced) | 1 pair output RCA(singel) | Maximum Word Length: 16-bit | Sample Frequency Range 32kHz-48kHz | Frequency response: DC to 1MHz -3dB | Output impedance: Balanced / single < 10Ohm. | Dimension Width:12.5Cm -Depth:14Cm -Height:6.5Cm -Weight:0.5Kg

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